Mold Remediation

In the event of a water emergency, flood or other water event, mold damage can become a serious problem — especially in Austin and Central Texas where high humidity can lead to rapid mold growth. If left unchecked, mold damage can lead to major structural damage as well as serious health problems.

Medical research shows that mold can cause significant allergic reactions in the eye, nose, throat and respiratory system and lead to increased cold and flu viruses. And mold can attack any type of structure.

TST Restoration is an expert and certified company in removing mold threats wherever they occur. Our process includes total removal, including mitigation of spores, reduction of moisture level, rapid drying and application of biocides for total cleaning and restoration in Austin.

Here's a summary of our process and applications:

  • Removal of settled mold spores
  • Applying biocides
  • Moisture and odor control
  • Complete sanitation work
  • Structure and content restoration
  • Removal of mold infected materials
  • Fast drying and dehumidify